Jane Butler Biggs Fine Art

The place where I paint and the work itself is inextricably linked. You can’t truly understand the paintings without seeing the land they come from, and the scale of the message they are trying to convey. The pictures you can see go some of the way to demonstrate the connection between the two, but for me, it’s something much deeper.

We bought this plot at a time when I was out practising a lot of Feng Shui, and spending all my time working with buildings and their surroundings. I’d been looking for years for a very special piece of land, and when we found it, really the house just came with it.

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These paintings are a reflection of nature in its most absolute state. They are painted at the foot of the South Downs, in a place that is staggeringly beautiful whilst being wild and unruly to its core, and the pieces that emerge from this land represent what it feels like to be there, completely and utterly immersed in a moment. They are the experience of the seasons, the storms and the stillness, they are the wildlife and the water, and they are everything in between.  


When we first arrived, there was no birdsong, no natural life, and it had been stripped of all that nature had intended. Since then, it’s been an ongoing journey, a labour of love, to return the land to how it was always supposed to be. We’ve been trying to listen to what the land needs year on year and react to this to create a place which feels settled and flourishing. Now, the whole place is alive with wildlife and colour, and each season brings a new dimension, and that’s what the paintings are about, that cycle.